Triple Crit is a new blog, a chaotic reservoir of advice, book reviews, pre-made adventures, and writing excerpts for the would-be writers, role-players, and gamemasters of the world. Especially those of you who count yourself all three at once.

Here you’ll find essays about telling stories about your world and its characters, updated weekly on either:

  • Saturday: For Gamemasters
  • Sunday: For Role-players
  • Wednesday: For Writers

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About the Author

Lindevi, aka Katrina J. Ostrander, is an aspiring novelist, gaming geek, sketch artist, and voracious reader. She drifts in between epic, gothic, romantic, and tragic fantasy genres in her works, and would love to do some freelance adventure and game design writing in the future.

Role-playing on forums since the tender age of twelve, even running her own for a time, she predominently role-played in World of Warcraft on the Wyrmrest Accord and Venture Co. servers, dividing her time between far too many alts, and even further between role-playing, raiding, and player-vs-player combat. Right now she’s taking a break to concentrate on work and writing.

She was the President of her college’s Role-playing club junior year and played a major role in coordinating WittCon VII and VIII. She kills characters and crushes dreams gamemasters for her D&D group every Wednesday evening, and is collaborating with A. P. Klosky, freelance game designer, to write a guide to unconventional narrative and campaign structures, containing his Pendulum Method and her Growing a Campaign World Tree. She organizes the Storm King Role-playing Gamers, with its weekly Board Game Nights, One-shots, and trips to local Cons and Faires.

She has won money and awards for her fiction and served as the chief editor for the Wittenberg Review of Literature and Art for over a year and the layout editor for over three. Her works have been published in undergraduate magazines and online e-zines. Currently Katrina is working on the preliminary draft (read: outline) of a novel, and hopes to finish the manuscript by late 2012.

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