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It’s Laid Out in the Cards

Happened upon this today and thought it was too cool not to share. For those of you who understand the language of symbolism, or even those of you who are just interested in Tarot and other divination methods in role-playing games:

The High Priestess

A Tarot-based Adventure Scenario Design Game


  • Standard Tarot deck (78 cards: 56 suited, 22 trumps)
  • Meeples, 5 each of a color for each PCs/Faction
  1. Assign 2 court cards from the deck for each player character. These describe 2 of the 3 key questions that define a character (who are you? what do you want? how are you trying to do that?) and are interpreted based on what’s not described by the other cards that will be played. More cards will be dealt after the initial set up of the game “board.” Continued…

I might just have to find an excuse to use this, though I can probably find a substitute for the Meeples. I know at least someone who could use this, and with my Legend: The Arthurian Tarot, no less…

Further Reading

  • It’s Written in the Stars My guide to using Astrodice to generate People, Places, and Plots for your next session.
  • Learn Tarot Best place for quickly referencing the standard meanings for the cards.
  • Tarot for Writers Liked the Design Game? How about a book-length version, tailored specifically for writers?
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