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Writing and Role-playing in the Spotlight

Since it’s so damn relevant to my own blog, I’d like to share with you guys the latest Spotlight Interview article up on the Official D&D site, “Writers on Role-playing: Elisabeth Bear”:

What has playing RPGs taught you about writing fiction?

Elizabeth Bear: You know, they’re both storytelling, but I find the skills don’t always cross-pollinate. Because role-playing is interactive and reactive, it’s much more of a collaborative process.

I do think that role-players are more comfortable writing collaboratively, and they’re also much more comfortable dealing with unexpected plot twists. But they may get bogged down if they expect writing to work the same way…

It’s a quick read, but it amuses me to see much of what I wrote about in Behind the Name come up in her discussion as well.

ETA: Apparently “Writers on Role-playing” is a frequent topic! Looks like I have a new feed to follow.

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